2016 Has been busy so far!


Welcoming in the new year has been a busy time for us here at Our Haven Wildlife Shelter.


Welcoming 3 new babies into our care.

Sarah,Cain and Robbie. All seem to be settling in well. Our Haven is now home to 15 baby joeys and its busy busy. All joeys are still being bottle fed and they certainly love their milk!

15 joeys x 4 feeds in 24 hours.

15 x 4 = 60 bottles !!!!!



Now thats a lot of bottles to make up every day.





One thought on “2016 Has been busy so far!

  1. YES a lot of bottles and feeds . my mum and i used to have our eyes hanging out of our heads and we had koala babies joey wallabies pygmy possums a carpet snake and a cape barron goose amonst others i just dont know how she got around to it all, as i was very young and could only feed the joeys when they were very little, and some possums. So i take my hat off to you and all the hard work you do to benefit these lovely creatures you nurse back to health . WELL DONE
    P.s do you need any old clean blankets or bid fury socks ???
    Regards Mebb

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