Friday 12/08/16 7am Spud one of our roos we raised from 1.4 kg to 21kgs not traveling good, feeding 26 roos with Theresa at 730 a man comes to the door to tell us a roo had been hit at Golden Beach while speaking phone rings, another roo down not the same place off I go first roo has a broken back large female I had to euthanize her. She had a large pouch with a leaking teat joey was missing would be about 4kg too young to be on its own, noticed tyer tracks through the grass to point of impact she was deliberately ran down. Look for joey but couldn’t find it i will have to keep coming back. Go to the next roo she had also been ran down she had a joey 5.5 kg trying to get back in her mum’s pouch I held out a pouch I had brought with me she came right up to me and jumped in my bag as if she knew I would help her I named her sandy she is very light in colour.

Saturday 13/08/16

Roo down at Longford 60klm round trip large male both legs broken I had to euthanize him.

Sunday 14/08/16

Another roo down at Longford again, again I had to euthanize broken back.

My boy Spud not standing good.

Monday 15/08/16

Quiet morning until 9am phone rings a roo down in Golden Beach I was told broken legs get my gun and bullets it was a large male broken legs I euthanized him I walk away thinking this will never stop.

Tuesday 16/0816

Roo down across the road from us this was young had lost its mother it was so thin and had pneumonia only last one night he was found to late. Call no 2 that came through at same time as the young one, this second call was from Lochsport our friend John attended this for us while Theresa myself and 2 others captured the young across the road.

Wednesday 17/08/16

Early morning Spud dies at 930 the joey from across the road dies, I now feel sick and shake every time the phone rings, I feel like giving up its all to sad, the drivers around here need to slow down and drive to the conditions, sad thing is a lot don’t care for the lives of the animals, every time I have to euthanize one I walk away with the picture of their eyes in my memory and saddens me for the whole day I tell myself I am stopping their suffering.

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