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Meet Lisa

Lisa came to us as a 400gm pinky when her mother was hit and killed by a car.

Her eyes were still a way off from opening and she needed to be rubbed in a special oil moisturising cream to keep her skin supple like the natural oils of her mother’s pouch would do.

Her eyes are now open and she is over 1kg in weight and her fur has come through. She will continue to be bottle fed for 18 months.

If you can help us help Lisa and others like her please donate x


We NEED your help to keep ‘Our Haven Wildlife Shelter’ operating with the day to day supplies of milk, dry feed pellets, grass hay and medical supplies and vet bills – we also need to expand the build for the babies room plus pens, also the very important sick room with the increasing amount of small, ill and injured wildlife we are caring for and rehabilitating.

Our large parcel of bush land has been a huge success to soft release the rehabilitated kangaroos – this land requires constant maintenance with fallen down, weed control, track clearing and looking after all Wildlife that call this bush home.

If you are able to help with a donation please go to the donation page on our website here and complete the form with your details 🙂

We so appreciate any help you can give us for these amazing animals.